I'm free now

Imagine the moment when you realize it's over and when you hear the words "I've made it" echo in your mind. Imagine the moment when you look around and all you see is what you've always dreamed of. Imagine how the relief you feel slowly reaches every cell of your body. And as it does, it replaces the worries and anxieties life so far has given you. Imagine how you fall down on your bruised knees and out of your mouth comes the most warm prayer you've ever said. Because of gratitude, your heart has just expanded.

As a tear falls down, following the shape of your face, you think of the things you won't ever have to think of again and you feel the feelings you don't ever have to feel again. Moments of true pain, things that has happened to you. Moments of pure distress, things you've done that you regret. And moments of real despair, times you've felt that life is just too unbearable to live.

Your thoughts are interrupted by a singing bird and when you've looked at it for a while, you notice what's in the background. A couple of friends up on that hill over there. And from what you can tell, they're laughing.

You finish your prayer and as you rise, you let go. You're picturing how the bad memories are falling down on the ground and you can almost hear the sound of it. Compared to anything valuable, this is something you won't even bother to pick up again.

 You start to walk forward and your heart beats more intense than it ever has before. Happily knowing that the things you left behind, are already deleted. For every step you're taking, you're increasing the distance with your past.  For every step you're taking, you are one step closer to the life you've always wanted.

Suddenly you've reached that hill and as you're about to greet your friends something else is catching your eyes. It's that bird again! You watch it fly away into the horizont, you smile and you think to yourself;

I'm free now

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