How many blondes does it take?

Question is.... How many blondes does it take to fix a mosquito net...? Any guesses? Any one..?

This was the night I arrived in the city I’m staying in, it's called Mzuzu and it's located in northern Malawi. In the picture you will not only see me, but also my lovely roomies. Say hello to Linda and Annelie! Any ways, we had to fix my bed, which basically was to put a mattress on the floor, so we figured that one out! The challenging part was when the mosquito net came in to the picture... 

I can assure you that it's NOT as easy, as it might seem. Which part goes where? WHAT should you hang the net in? And when you finally find a suitable place for it, HOW do you extend your length so that you can reach the ceiling..? 

So... How many blondes does it take to figure it out? 


If you desire to see the excellent solution, scroll down.....

Are you ready?

Watch closely....



I mean. This is actually quite a good solution. There's a numbers of reasons why! Or.. At least it’s two…

1. You won’t need a blanket.
2. You won’t hit your self in the wall while dreaming crazy dreams... (It does happen all the time.)
(Let’s just not think about, that the mosquitos are probably still able to reach through the net to your skin, since the net is just above it... And let’s not think about that you might wake up the next morning with claustrophobia developed…)

We laughed a lot and with time we eventually found a good way of doing it. Did I get a picture on it? No, because clumsy me accidently sat on the net (while it was hanging). I wanted to sit on the bed, but my "behind" was just a little bigger than I thought, so I sat on the hanging net as well. What then happened is that the loop the net hanged in sadly broke... Oh no. I guess a true blonde can't handle a real mosquito net! We had to do it all over again and this time with a sewing kit.... 

This is just an example of adventures in Africa! (At least for a blonde...)

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  1. Hej Elin! Jennifer här.. Fick ditt mejl idag, fastnade helt och levde mig helt in i dina ord :-) Det är såå härliga upplevelser du får vara med om, o nu pratar jag ju inte bara om myggnätshistorian, här ovanför ;-) Det måste vara så underbart att få träffa människor som är så hungriga på sanningen.. Åh, det är helt fantastiskt att läsa om det :-) Tack för din blogg, den lyser upp mörkret(fysiska och andliga) här hemma :-) Bamsekram från Jennifer & Andreas