Is that a buffalo?

On my way up to Mzuzu from Lilongwe (the capital of Malawi), I got to ride with three bethelites who were going to Mzuzu Translation Office for an errand. It was such a nice start on my stay here. Talking with them and hearing about their backgrounds was really encouraging!

Since it takes about 5 hours to drive, I decidede to give a little attention to my sketchpad... Looking out of the window, seeing the nature of Malawi made me want to draw something "typical" Africa. Well... "Let's go for a Zebra!" I thought to myself. "A horse with some lines on it... Shouldn't be that hard..!"

After been sketching for a while, the malawian brother (who was sharing the backseats with me) looked at it with a very serious face... And what did he finally say, after some seconds of silence?

"... Is that a buffalo?" 

Hahaha, I had to literally concentrate on not laughing! The situation was just too absurd. There I was, trying to draw something typical Africa, and the malawian brother next to me, just didn't see what it was... I guess I kind of failed that one huh! Hahaha.

These are the wonderful friends I went with. If you look at the facial expression of the brother to the left, you will see exactly how he looked like when he asked, "..Is that a buffalo?", (totally confused..)

Well, one of the good things with being in Africa, is that you seem to have more time. At least that's the case for me. So.. I will try to dedicate some of the time to my sketchpad... I guess I'll have to go for a buffalo then!

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