Rise again

I'm not sure how I will put this. I have a feeling inside that is kind of hard to describe. I actually don't think I even can explain it to my own mind. But it's the feeling of trying to rise again. The feeling of being lost, and yet found at the same time..

 I do know how I want to live my life and I have a plan, so that I can reach it step by step. But, it's so easy to loose focus. "Life" happens and by a blink the zeal in my heart tends to decrease. At least that's what I'm feeling in those moments. Even though I know, with my whole mind and heart that needgreating and living a (most possible) simple life, is the kind of life and lifestyle I want, I just seem to forget it at times. Not in the big choices and decisions, but in the smaller ones. I realize that it's something that I have to work on.

But something that makes me smile (despite reflecting on my flaws), is that I have great news to tell!

- I am going back to Malawi! I've been there once before and I actually can't wait to put my feet on the malawian ground again... It's such a blessing and I am sure that this journey will teach me many things and that it will be one more step in the right direction.

I thank Jehovah for making it all possible.

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