Hear the sound of a new door opening

This will be my first attempt to write on this blog. I'm actually at a bench right now, inside a grocery store. As I sit on this bench I see people after people, and they're all different. Each one of them are facing the world with different stories, backgrounds and dreams. Each one of them has their own interests, talents and qualities. Each person has something special about him or her, something special that I cant know just by simply looking at them. I would have to get to know them, in order to learn who they really are, which the clothes and hairstyles can't tell me. (They probably just fool me.)

But what I do know, without even knowing their names, is that they all have something in common. With each other. With me. With you. And with the rest of human kind.

 - Pain.

Pain is what all people have in common. Some has experienced the very indescribable pain, of loosing someone close to their heart in death. Some has experienced racism in it's ugliest way. Others have survived things that are so surreal that it's hard to imagine it ever happened.

I could go on and on with mentioning different shades of pain. It's so much of it in this sick world, that we almost tend to forget about it. But sometimes it hits me and I'm telling you, it's cold. Just like if I would have gotten icewater splashed in my face without see it coming. It surprises me.

To be honest, I appreciate these small, but important, wake up calls. It makes me once again feel determined. I need to do something. There is so many people out there drowning in real pain. Learning about the truth and being given a hope, is like if this drowning person suddenly knows how to swim. It's a relief. The pain might still be there, but as long as you can swim and hold your head above the surface of water, you can keep on swimming until you reach land.

People are waiting for the good news and I am so ready to make a new door open in my life. And if it doesn't open by it self, I sure will push it with every little muscle I have. So... If you hear the sound of a new door opening, it's me. And as I walk through that door, I will enter a new chapter in my life.


- Elin

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