Orphancare Lusungu!

The ones who knows me, also know that I love mini-humanbeings... What would the world be like without kids..? For real? Just asking... Kids are smart, open and recognizes genuine people. (And false people too for that matter!) I like the way most kids think, it makes me happy just to be around them... So, coming here I kind of only had (except participating in the ministry) one particular thing I really wanted to do. -To visit an orphancare! 

With time I found an orphancare called Lusungu. And the women who (very unselfish and lovingly) works there, got the biggest smiles on their faces when I suggested we could come there and teach the kids about the resurrectionhope. Too good to be true? Not in Malawi..! 

It was just to go home and start preparing! (Which was so much fun..)

The final result:

I wish I could explain how it was to look these kids in the eyes and tell them about the resurrectionhope ... But I honestly don't think I can. It was one of those gigantic feelings, that no words seems to match... 

When I saw their big, beautiful eyes looking at me I almost felt like crying. Just thinking about that each one of them has lost their parents... What a great loss that is for anyone, but for a kid? It surely must be unbearable at times.

This is a wonderful couple, Frank & Lusu. (I simply love them!) They spoke Chitumbuka with the kids and were just amazing!

Of course I could not leave the place without playing for a while! :)

Lusungu, I won't forget you.

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