Life in Mzuzu

In the beginning of my trip, every little moment seemed to develop into a certain and special long-lasted memory. Every little scent, noise or sight really stood out, compared to the life at home I had just left.

But after a while, things tends to become normal. You learn and you adjust. A daily life is created and all of a sudden you find your self wondering; how can time pass by so quickly..?

So, what's life in Mzuzu like?

Well.. You wash your clothes... And this is something that really requires time... You do it by hand and once you are finished you desperately hope that it wont start to rain! (Which is quite common since it's rain season at the moment.)

If you are not washing clothes, you might be cleaning! This is also something that requires some time and effort, especially since a vacuum cleaner only excists in your dreams...

And if you are not washing or cleaning, you just might find yourself waiting... 

But no matter how long you wait for the guests to arrive, you are always so encouraged and refilled with joy when you get to hang out with the local friends! These two girls (Maureen and Bethel) are two of my new lovely buddies! They are both in sign-language and some days they walk extremely long distances just to reach one person... I really admire their endurance.. I would put it in a museum if I could!! (But I guess it wouldn't really serve it's purpose there..)

 What's also special with Maureen and Bethel is that they attented to the school I "teached" at, (I was the one being teached...) 5 years ago. It's a wonderful experience to get to know them better and as my beloved sisters!

It's true that things does take time here in Malawi... But why do we love being here? 

The ministry is with no doubt the biggest reason behind the smiles we smile everyday! It's also the main reason why we deeply wish that the time wouldn't pass by so quickly...

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